Slot Overview: Golden Gallina

The flexibility of slot machines to accommodate a variety of themes is one of its many appealing characteristics. Players might be cleaning out stalls for farm animals one minute and exploring the celestial system the next. For example, iSoftBet has made a more earthbound version of its slot machine with a space theme called Euphoria. Unlike Euphoria, the resultant slot Golden Gallina is not a part of the developer’s extreme payout series. As a result, the game’s potential has been reduced, but other than that, it’s mechanically quite similar to the original.

The minute the game loads, the significance of the term “gallina” will become clear. The scene then shifts to a clean chicken farm complete with weathered tractors, windmills, a red barn, and other farmstead staples. The image comes to life thanks to the addition of wind gusts that push dust clouds through, then later on the sky opens up and rain starts to pour down. Many city dwellers find it challenging to arrange an outing when rain is in the forecast. The grass in the countryside benefits greatly from the rain. The rustic setting is completed with a soothing banjo driven jingle that allows one to kick back, chew on a wheat stem, and get the work done.

There are 243 chances to win when playing on the game’s 5-reel, 3-row grid. When matching symbols appear on two consecutive reels starting from the left, a win is awarded. RTP is quite similar to Euphoria in both function and design. The new base return value is 96%, and when the Golden Bet is used to purchase the free spins feature, it rises to 96.97%. Golden Gallina may be played on any device, with regular wagers ranging from 30 p/c to £/€30 every spin.

The original’s BTG-influenced symbols have been swapped out for a more traditional slot theme including farm animals. The pay symbols include, from lowest to highest value: bars, double bars, haystacks, corn, sevens, coin bags, a chicken, a wolf, and a chick. Five bars still return the original wager, whereas five chickens return 13.3 times the original wager. The wild symbol, shown as a rooster, can stand in for any other icon, even the ones that trigger the regular payouts. A combination of wilds is worth the same as a combination of chickens.

Benefits of the Golden Gallina Slot Machine

In Golden Gallina, players have access to two major features centered on golden egg multipliers. The Gallina Spin is the weaker of the two and can occur on any regular spin. When triggered, up to three golden egg symbols may appear anywhere on the board. Each golden egg is a wild with a multiplier value shown above its corresponding reel. These multipliers range from 2x to 3x. The maximum product of two multipliers is x27.

The logo of the game acts as a scatter, appearing on reels 1, 3, and 5. When all three appear, you get eight bonus spins. The value of the x2 win multiplier is kept above the reels during free spins, and it is activated whenever the wild golden egg symbol appears. If a second golden egg appears on a reel with a multiplier of x2, the multiplier will rise to x3. Free spins’ multipliers stack to a maximum of x243, much as Gallina Spins’. Free games with a +5 multiplier are awarded when all five reels are activated, and the multiplier does not reset throughout the bonus round.

A third option, the Golden Bet, may be useful to players as well. It’s a feature purchase button that, for 50x the standard stake, instantly triggers free spins.

The Slot Machine’s Golden Rule

The parallels between Golden Gallina and Euphoria are striking, and at first glance, the two games may seem to be identical. However, because of their variances, they may appeal to different types of gamblers. The stakes in Euphoria are higher than in Golden Gallina, but the payouts are far more substantial. However, Golden Gallina isn’t as challenging, and it pays out more modestly when you hit the jackpot.

Let’s get down to brass tacks and see how much cash is at stake. In comparison to Euphoria’s staggering 20,000x the investment, Golden Gallina’s payout is a more modest but still remarkable 4,000x+. Despite this decrease, it’s worth noting that the theoretical maximum value of the multipliers in both games is x243. Golden Gallina’s maximum win has been reduced, hence the cost of purchasing the bonus has been reduced by half.

The gameplay is essentially identical to Euphoria, except the volatility seems to have been toned down to fit the reduced potential. Concerning the overall revamp, something feels like it was lost in translation from the distant reaches of the cosmos to the farm. Not to diminish the importance of farming, but it just doesn’t stimulate the brain like zipping across space in a Golden Gallina. The game lacks the euphoric vibe that Euphoria had, when everything seemed possible with the correct placement of multipliers during free spins. Technically, Golden Gallina accomplishes the same goal; nevertheless, its drastically diminished capability necessitates the application of the brakes at some point.

The two distinct moods reflected in the games’ respective themes. Those who are more likely to experience euphoria are the dreamers, the ones who want to ride the solar wind wherever it blows. While having alternatives is always a plus, it’s important to watch where you’re walking in the digital farmyard and Golden Gallina seems like a better fit for players who want to have their feet more firmly planted on the ground.

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