The Rise of the Sinister Joker

Slot Machine Review: The Dark Joker Rises

Yggdrasil’s The Dark Joker Rizes is a foreboding online slot machine inspired by one of the gambling industry’s most mysterious and villainous personalities. Because to its compelling retro theme, high-quality visuals, and atmospheric sound design, it is one of the most enjoyable real-money slot machines available today. To learn all there is to know about The Dark Joker Rizes, read our in-depth review.

The Slot Game The Dark Joker Rizes


The Dark Joker Rizes is an unsettling slot game that will leave you with a memorable encounter. This video slot is as innovative as it is visually striking, looking like something out of a vintage fruit machine and a crazy clown horror film. This slot game style is typical of Yggdrasil in that it has a lot of vibrant colors and unique gameplay elements. While there are no major characters or overarching plot, the game does take cues from the classic fruit machine genre, so expect to see symbols like grapes, lemons, bells, and more as you spin the reels. Retro enthusiasts will appreciate this layout.


Reviewing the slot machine’s regulations for The Dark Joker Rizes reveals that the wagers are only the beginning. Only one variable, the coin value, has to be specified before you may spin the five reels and win one of the predetermined payouts. Your coin value (from 0.01 to 2 credits) will be multiplied by 10 win lines to determine your total bet. In this respect, The Dark Joker Rizes slot immediately differentiates itself from the competition. The design team opted for five win lines traveling from left to right and five win lines moving from right to left instead of ten win lines running horizontally across the screen. This unique layout contributes to the game’s unexpected nature, which is not only fun but also results in the game’s other unique feature: Mystery Wins.


Slot Machine Bonuses, Symbols, and Features Inspired by “The Dark Joker Rizes”

Fixed winnings in The Dark Joker Rizes slot machine begin at 20 coins for combinations of three or more cherry symbols. But if the joker icon shows up at any point, you’ll get a surprise payout. Naturally, extras like these come as a big shock. One of the following can be accessed if the following symbols are rolled:


Five jokers will always result in a Mystery Win of 6000.

The Mystery Win ranges from $3,000 to $6,000.

The Mystery Win ranges from $1,000 to $6,000.

In the Jokerizer Mode, the Mystery Win ranges from 20 to 6000 if two jokers appear.

In addition to this unique function, The Dark Joker Rizes also includes a Jokerizer Mode bonus. If you get a Guaranteed Joker, you can wager 200 coins to trigger the Super Bet. In this style of play, the middle reel will always have a Joker in it, and each time two or more appear, the reels will respin with all Jokers held in place. Due to the guaranteed presence of two jokers in the respin, a second mystery win is granted in accordance with the usual mystery win parameters. The bonus spin may trigger further bonuses as well.


Innovative and profitable, this function was developed by Yggdrasil Gaming. In fact, The Dark Joker Rizes is the slot machine for you if you want a smart small slot that looks amazing and has certain features you won’t find anywhere else.

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